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*baby, hold on;

I'm really not that interesting, haha. I'm pretty much an average teenage girl.(:
I love David Archuleta & the Jonas Brothers a lot. Demi Lovato is like my idol, she's an amazing singer and her songs are so amazing! They mean a lot to me because I can relate to them so that's probably one of the main reasons I idolize her. We've been through similar situations. I met her once and she's really nice, too!
Simple Plan is an amazing band. Their music has a lot of meaning, just listen to the lyrics and you'll see what I mean. It's just reality.
I've just recently started getting into NLT again, for the second time. That tells you something right there; they're doing something right with their music.(: 'Karma' & 'She Said, I Said' are two of my favorites. I can relate to them both because of a past relationship; 'nuff said.
Paramore is another great band! 'That's What You Get' is one of my favorites from them. I can also relate to that one, just because of the way I feel right now.

...I think that's enough for right now, haha. I don't think anyone really cares anyway. ;]